The 3 Most Unsafe Places to Wait for Roadside Assistance
There are few things more nerve-racking than your car breaking down when you’re driving it. You need to think fast to ensure you pull over to a safe place, not to mention concentrating on all the other vehicles around to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Even then. there is no guarantee that you can safely pull over when your car breaks down mid transit. Busy roads don’t always give you the chance to pull over and out of any oncoming traffic, but for your own safety you need to get into as safe a position as possible, which often causes people to panic and pull over in hazardous areas and call for assistance.

Yet when you wait in unsafe places for roadside assistance, you could be putting you and your passengers at huge risk. Roads are naturally dangerous, so the risk of an accident significantly increases if you’re waiting in an unsafe location as you wait for roadside assistance.

Make sure you stay safe by avoiding these 3 unsafe places to wait for roadside assistance:

Right Next to Your Car

While your first thought might be to stand outside your vehicle and call for assistance, this can be incredibly dangerous. Never make the mistake of standing directly next to or in front/behind the vehicle when waiting for assistance!

This is because other drivers may not notice you and collide with the you or the vehicle. This can be potentially fatal if you get clipped by another car, so either wait inside the vehicle or get outside and walk well off the road while you wait for assistance.

On the Road

It’s always recommended that you pull off the road as soon as you feel something is wrong with your car. You want to get away from oncoming traffic, as being stationary in the middle of the road is a huge safety risk.

Even if you put hazards on and make it clear that you’ve broke down, other drivers may not be paying attention and slam into you. So, you always want to try and pull off to the right-hand side and into the shoulder, emergency lane, or even completely off the road whenever possible.

Obviously, certain roads make this difficult while you may not have enough time if the car breaks down suddenly mid-drive but try your hardest to get off from the road so you can safely wait for assistance.

Outside the Car When on a Highway

The type of road you break down on will influence how safe or dangerous it is to wait for roadside assistance. For instance, if you break down on a highway then it can be more difficult to pull over, while the oncoming traffic is moving much quicker than other roads.

In this situation you should never get outside of your vehicle to wait for help. You may feel unsafe breaking down in the middle of a highway but the risk of getting hit by a speeding car is massive when you get outside – always wait for roadside assistance inside the car in this situation.

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