In this blog entry, Chicago Towing’s roadside assistant experts will detail the essential items to keep in your car in order to be prepared for any automotive issue.

Tire Changing Tools

Flat tires are probably the most common car breakdown event. Most modern vehicles come with tire changing kits – but purchase one if you don’t have one already. These tools range from spare tires and car jacks to lug wrenches or other specialty tools. 

Tire Sealant

If your tire has a very small leak that doesn’t require changing out to your spare tire, tire sealant might be able to do the job until you can bring your vehicle to a tire changing center.

Jumper Cables

Dead batteries are another cause of common automotive breakdowns. Always keep jumper cables in your car! If your car battery runs out, you can flag a vehicle on the road down for a jump and they can assist you in using their car’s battery to start your car and turn over your engine! Make sure to pump the gas once your engine turns over to keep it running to help charge up your car’s battery.

First Aid and Water / Snacks

Always keep a first aid kit on hand to be safe – as well as emergency water or snacks if you find yourself stranded and/or waiting for roadside assistance. We recommend keeping water in your vehicle in NON-PLASTIC containers, as the plastic can leach into the water under hot temperatures.


Bring a strong and powerful flashlight to help be a light source if your car breaks down at night. It’s a much better idea than relying on your phone’s flashlight, which, of course, is in turn reliant on your phone’s battery charge!

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